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Ch'Lu: Campfire meets Kirtan meets Club

Grab your thermos and blanket and come relax and unwind around the Ch'Lu's Campfire. With a Campfire-meets-Kirtan-meets-Club vibe, you can find yourself either chanting, chilling or chuckling.


Ch'Lu (FKA Camilla Mathias) connects between borders and cultures, to date in thirteen languages, overlapping her passions to stimulate and inspire. She transmits the healing and calming vibrations of Sanskrit and other beautiful languages to a new audience, in a unique and engaging way.


Ch'Lu chooses and fuses between ethereal harmonies, evocative language, classical guitar arpeggiation and ambient beats; throwing in a contemporary edge, humour and the element of surprise. In her many guises as singer, guitarist, linguist, entertainer and ninja, she takes you a unique and uplifting musical journey into consciousness, helping you feel inspired, soothed, loved, connected and smiling.


You can catch the free Ch'Lu live-streams most weeks here:




Pronounced ChooLOO,  the unique Sanskrit name was conceived by her Jyotisha (The Vedic study of timing) mentor, specifically for her work as a performer. It's all about the vibration. (Hence her social media handle is @ChLuVibration).

You can listen to Ch'Lu's music on the world's largest meditation app Insight-Timer and download and read lyrics on Bandcamp. She has also just released her The Goddess Within album supported by Arts Council England and Help Musicians UK. based on the Mandukya Upanishads, a sacred set of Sanskrit verses, now on worldwide release alongside her first Sanskrit music video

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