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Kate Bush:


"Your song is playing in the office here!"

  • “This highly relatable tale is the perfect soundtrack for the digital dating era and we’re excited to see what Ch’Lu gets up to eccentric slice of art-pop”


Fortitude Magazine: Read Whole Feature


  • “Our Video of the Day today comes from art-pop ‘fairytale-folktronica’ artist Ch’Lu”


Loud Women: Read Whole Feature 


  • “captivating and ethereal delight…Immerse        yourself in the enchanting sounds…mesmerizing, wondrous journey..”

Green Banana World, Japan:Read Whole Feature 

  •  “a highly relatable song…combines art-pop and folktronic elements creating a sound that is undeniably enchanting.”


The Vinyl District - "Artist of the Week" : Read Whole Feature

  • “a song that mixes the lightness and smoothness of folk music with a touch of electronics, making the song more engaging and seductive and focusing on the beautiful voice of the artist. A singer from the UK full of personality and unity” 


Roadie Music, Brazil : Read Whole Feature


  • “Her witty, yet poignant insight.. twinkling musicality alongside her celestial vocals, creating immersive ethereal soundscapes.”

Get In Her Ears : Read Interview

  • "very eclectic and jazzy sound with good vocals”


Music For The Misfits 

  • "There's an idiosyncratic style here which really adds to the personality, something the vocals really further, we hope this achieves the attention it deserves”


Various Small Frames

  • "Liking the warm and sweeping textures in this one, has a nice sound to it”


Mystic Sons

  • "Don’t forget this name: Camilla Mathias. The U.K. singer-songwriter and actress gets down to business with her latest track that EVERYONE can relate to...Don’t talk to us, we’ll be listening to this all day long. Don’t."


Left Bank Magazine : Read Whole Feature

  • "Die Engländerin Camilla, Sängerin und Songwriterin, bot während des Abendessens zur Gitarre ihre selbstgeschriebenen Songs dar. So schön! Es herrschte eine wundervolle, sehr entspannte Atmosphäre." 


Tanja WeidnerZwei Kartoffeln in Laos: Read/Buy Book

  • "UK singer-songwriter Camilla Mathias has a quirky new video and single out this week that’s all about these 21st Century perils…          if you’re into idiosyncratic singer-songwriters like Kate Bush and PJ Harvey, this glitchy folktronica is well worth investigating."​


Gigsoup, Exclusive Interview by Jamie Stevens, Read Whole Feature ​

  • "PREMIERE: Camilla Mathias Releases New Music Video For 'Don’t'"


Vents Magazine, Exclusive Feature by RJ Frometa,  Read Whole Feature

  • "Camilla Mathias Drops New Single 'Don't'"


Control Radio UK  Read Whole Feature

  • "The superb music by composer Camilla Mathias is extraordinarily evocative and beautiful."


Catherine Sedgwick, The Upcoming Read Whole Review


  • "Mathias deserves applauding as well for her musical efforts. Her original music, deftly performed and sung by herself and other members of the cast, was characterful and exciting"


Dean Wood, Everything Theatre  Read Whole Review

  • "Camilla Mathias is also lovely as the joyful neighbour and friend, and enchants the audience with her guitar right before the             second half. " 

Sophie Tergeist, Pocket Size Theatre  Read Whole Review

  • "Camilla Mathias also shows off her skills, as she serenades on the guitar with stunning music that she has composed herself " 


Joanna Trainor, The Reviews Hub Read Whole Review


  • "The exciting music of Camilla Mathias"                                                                                                       

Keith Mckenna, British Theatre Guide, Read Whole Review


Jessica Holt, Broadway Baby Read Whole Review

  • "Camilla Mathias adds great musical entertainment with her guitar-playing skills and solid interpretation"


Giancarlo Angelucci, London Theatre Reviews Read Whole Review

  • "Composer and guitarist Camilla Mathias brings original flamenco-inspired music to the show, and shines as the wedding singer whose mournful lyrics set up up the tragedy that follows."


Alice Grahame, Londonist  Read Whole Review

  • "Camilla Mathias’ musical interludes fit invitingly into the narrative as does her cameo role as the Neighbour"


Joanna Hetherington, The Spy in the Stalls Read Whole Review

  • "Camilla Mathias’ music is a welcome addition"


Frey Kwa Hawking, The Stage Read Whole Review


  • “Chesham's very own 'Kate Bush’…heart-warmingly relatable” 


Bucks Free Press Read Whole Feature

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