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The long-awaited and now award-winning song and music video from Ch'Lu (released under Camilla Mathias) reflects on the pains and pressures of the 21st century administrative tasks we all face each day. We have all been driven to despair by forgotten passwords, lack of internet connection or when a machine simply doesn’t work. This is the anthem to that admin and technology stress.


The music video for Don't has recently won the prestigious Honorable Mention Award as Best Music Video and Ch'Lu was Finalist for Best Actress, both at the New York International Film Festival. It also won the Best Music Video award at the Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival (NYC), was Finalist at the Portland Comedy Film Festival (USA), won Second Prize in the Best Music Video category at the International 12 Month Film Festival (Romania) in addition to nominations for Best Sound Design and Editing; was chosen as Music Video of the Month on Swiss TV Channel La Télé and Best Experimental Film at the Audioshoot International Music Video & Film Festival (Ireland).


Don't is also now the theme-tune to TV comedy Batshit as well as being Music Video of the Month for Swiss TV Channel La Télé. Numerous other international film festivals have chosen Don't for their Official Selection, including: Montreal Independent Film Festival, Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (Mumbai), Hollywood First-Time Film-maker Showcase, Audioshoot International Music Video & Film Festival (Ireland), Music Shorts Film Festival (USA), Figueira da Foz Film Art Festival Internacional de Cinema (Portugal), Las Vegas Film Convention, Mozi Motion Film Festival (Netherlands), Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (USA), Lift-Off First-Time Film Maker Sessions (Pinewood, UK) and Moving Parts Film Festival (Los Angeles).


The song has recently been re-released as part of the re-mastered Entr'acte album under Ch'Lu.


Don't - Digital Download

  • Written, Composed and Performed by Ch'Lu ( as Camilla Mathias) - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

    Percussion, Bass Guitar, Synths and bass backing vocals by Rupert Lally

    Produced by Ch'Lu ( as Camilla Mathias) and Rupert Lally

    Engineered by Rupert Lally

    Mixdown by Pete Brazier at Vertical Rooms 

    Photo - MCH Photography

    ISRC: USHM81369497

    Tunecode: 314174AT

    Barcode : 888174 912424

  • Don’t
    © Lyrics & Music by Ch'Lu (as Camilla Mathias)

    A virus has been detected
    My computer might be infected
    Don’t shut down
    Don’t turn off

    Why do they need my date of birth?
    What’s e-billing really worth?
    Don’t transfer me
    Don’t put me on hold

    Why’s my card been blocked – again?
    I can’t stand your automated voice system
    Don’t over-charge me
    Don’t disregard me

    My network connection has been denied
    And my postcode’s not recognised
    Don’t credit check me
    Don’t subscribe me

    Don’t give me Reward Points
    Don’t want to update Java
    Don’t ask me register
    Don’t have an authorisation code
    Don’t need data whilst roaming
    Don’t want to set a password
    Don’t give me your premium number
    Don’t have another login name
    Don’t want to see my balance
    Don’t need your Newsfeed or Timeline
    Don’t want a Crime Reference number
    Don’t have an expiry date…

    It’s giving me an error message
    Can I un-tick the insurance package?
    Don’t beep at me
    Don’t crash on me

    Don’t want to have a two year contract
    Don’t know my last ten transactions
    Don’t want to connect with a mutual friend
    Don’t search me for explosives
    Don’t default format my document
    Don’t say I need to come back next week
    Don’t tell me that the memory’s full
    Don’t ask me security questions
    Don’t say my ticket’s no longer valid
    Don’t tell me to just calm down
    Don’t want to take a rail replacement bus
    Don’t say.. it’s been deleted.. Don’t

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