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“A song that flowed out of me as fast as the flow of Zurich’s Limmat river below me. "


Time That is Mine is Ch'Lu (FKA Camilla Mathias)'s most downloaded track, and has just won the Grand Jury Award for Best Song at the New York International Film Festival.


The song has also been chosen as the soundtrack to the film The Litter Mermaid (A comedy about humans, a tragedy about plastic), selected as Artistic Echoes track of the month, in the Official Selection for the Lift-Off Film Festival in Hollywood and Pinewood and featured in the 2020 Lechdale Virtual Music Festival.


Described by producer Pete Brazier at Vertical Rooms as "a psychedelic selfish flamenco ballad" it was re-released in 2019 to celebrate the launch of the music video directed by Vee Vimolmal. Ch'Lu’s ethereal harmonies, conscious lyrics and classical guitar arpeggiation are the foundation to her signature sound which she co-produced in Switzerland with electronic sound designer Rupert Lally.


The music video, shot in beautiful locations between Hampstead Heath and Mayfield Lavender Farm on simply an iPhone XR and DJI Osmo Gimbal, takes you on an inward nostalgic journey.


The track was first released under Diva de la Guitare in 2014, then under Camilla Mathias in 2015, then re-releassed in 2019. And now it is part of the re-mastered Entr'acte album under Ch'Lu. Phew.


Time That is Mine - Digital Download

  • Written, Composed and Performed by Ch'Lu (originally under Diva de la Guitare, then Camilla Mathias )

    Vocals and Acoustic Guitar Percussion, Bass and Slide Guitars, Keyboards by Rupert Lally

    Produced by Rupert Lally and Ch'Lu (as Camilla Mathias)

    Engineered by Rupert Lally

    Cover Photography by Lyndon Burford.

    ISRC: USHM81369496

    Tune Code: 133966KS


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